QS motor 15kW (4000W nominal) 40H V3 273

14200 CZK

This is a brand new spoke hub ebike motor QS 4000W 40H V3 273 E-Bicycle spoke Hub Motor.

We have following pieces in stock (speed), updated 23th January 2020:

  • 870 RPM 48x3T @72V (1 pcs in stock)
  • 580 RPM 32x5T @72V (sold out, can be ordered)
  • we can order custom speed (usually delivered in 3-6 months)

Motor are avaiable on special order (speed can be customized) minimum 3 months.


  • BLDC Permanent Magnet Outer Rotor
  • Spoke Hub Motor
  • Power: 40mm magnet height, 16 pole pairs
  • 4000W rated power, 36 spoke holes*4.2mm
  • Disc brakes PCD6*44mm (not include Brake Disc), 14mm English thread for single-speed Freewheel, drop-outs 152mm
  • Two Halls,10mm2 Phase wire
  • Thermic Probe: KTY 83/122
  • Waterproof grade: IP54
  • Efficiency: ≥87%
  • Stronger configuration = high grade magnets, more cooper, bear more amperes
  • 12mm Axle flats

Price: 14200 CZK
Price EUR: