QS Motor nominal 1000W 205 (35H) E-bike Normal/V1 type

3500 CZK

This is a brand new spoke hub ebike motor QS 1000W 205 (35H) E-bike Normal/V1 type Spoke Hub Motor.

We have ONLY 11*6T KV = 8.54.


  • Motor Design: Double axle without rim, 36
  • spoke holes, OD 3.4mm
  • Magnet Height: 35mm, 23 pole pairs
  • Stator: Steel Core
  • Rated Power: 1000W (2000W peak in few seconds)
  • Rated Voltage:48v 410rpm 11*6T KV8.54
  • Max Torque: approx 124N.m
  • Max Efficiency: above 87.3%
  • Continuous Battery Current: 20.8A (48V)
  • Peak Battery Current: 41.5A (48V)
  • Suggest Peak Phase Current: 89-112A
  • Thermic Probe: KTY83/122 (as default)
  • Brake type: Disc Brake, PCD6*44mm for
  • bicycle Drop-outs:135mm, english thread length
  • for 7 speed freewheel
  • 10mm axle flats
  • One Hall Set with waterproof connectors
  • 3mm2 Cross Section of Phase Wire
  • Color: Black
  • with QS Motor LOGO

Price: 3500 CZK
Price EUR: