QS Motor 10kW extra/V3 type (nominal 3kW)

9800 CZK

This is a brand new spoke hub ebike motor (QS 3000W 205/50H Extra/V3).

Customer can usually choose from following options:

  • 24*5T (650 RPM, 72V, 9.03kV) = highest torque, the most popular motor
  • 28*4+ (765 RPM, 72V, 10.63kV)
  • 30*4T (820 RPM, 72V, 11.39kV) = highest speed


  • BLDC Permanent Magnet Outer Rotor Spoke
  • power: 50mm magnet height, 16 pole paris,
  • 3000W rated, 6000W-10000W peak for normal usage (with temperature monitoring)
  • 36 spoke holes*4.2mm
  • Speed: 24*5T, 650RPM @ 72V, equal to 9.03kV Torque: Depends on the speed
  • designed to match with E-bike Disc brakes
  • PCD6*44mm (not include Brake Disc), 14mm
  • english thread for single-speed Freewheel (does not include freewheel - we can provide it), drop-out 150mm
  • two halls (one for spare)
  • 10mm2 phase wire
  • thermic probe: KTY 83/122 (can be used with FishBMS)
  • support regenerative braking & reverse function
  • waterproof grade: IP54
  • efficiency: ≥ 87%
  • stronger configuration - high grade magnets
  • more cooper compared to V1 or V2
  • 10mm axle flats
  • runs smooth and silent with Sabvoton controller

Price: 9800 CZK
Price EUR: