Electric power bikes - Novabikes

(česká verze)

Company EV Racing s.r.o. is offering Czech made electric power bikes - Novabikes. The delivery time is between 2 - 3 months after putting a deposit. There is also an oportunity to test the bike before order. In case you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.

Basic parameters

  • battery LiPo 21s 20Ah (1.6 kWh), upgrade possible to 30Ah (2.3 kWh)
  • charger 4A (from empty to full about 5 hours), possibility of fast charging
  • power 7kW (limit is only the temperature of the motor)
  • front fork Marzocchi 380 CR rear shock absorber Suntout Epixon 190
  • range 80 km (while cruising 30 km/h)
  • fun ride range about 30 - 50 km (depends on terrain, weight of a rider)
  • bluetooth app for Android available - with all the important information (power, speed, battery state)

Novabike 7kW

Pricelist and accessories

Electric bike Novabikes5 000 EUR
Battery upgrad +50% capacity+ 600 EUR
Additional charger 400W+ 130 EUR
Front fork 380 R2C2 Marzocchi 2015+ 260 EUR
Rear shock absorber Roco Air TST R 200+ 180 EUR
4piston Brakes Shimano Zee BL-M640+ 260 EUR
Frontlight LED 4x3W+ 60 EUR
Bike transportation (per km)0.5 EUR
Further technical support, assembly, custom solutions (hour rate)30 EUR
Prices do not include VAT