EV charge cable CP, PP (5x6mm or 5x4mm) three phase

150 CZK

Rated Voltage: AC 450/750V, DC 1kV. The long-term working temperature of conductor should be not more than 90C. The environmental temperature is -25C to 50C.

When ordering this cable leave us a note if you want 5x4mm or 5x6mm!

5x4mm2 rubber5x6mm2 PCV
Max current25A32A
Max current "unofficial"32A40A
Cable diameter16.5 mm ± 1mm20 mm ± 1mm
Materialrubber (very flexible, light)PVC (flexible)
OriginCzech RepublicChina
CP cable1x0.75mm2x0.5mm
Price EUR69
Price CZK150250


Price: 150 CZK
Price EUR: