MQCON Sabvoton 150A 72V SVMC 72150 (M)

6300 CZK

QS SVMC72200 Sabvoton Controller 200A now in stock (2.7.2019), max phase current 450A, length 283mm, price: 384 EUR

MQCON (Sabvoton) bluetooth dongle (Android app) for controller parametrization in stock. Price: 19 EUR / 500 CZK

Variable regeneneration

Is supported (please do not use cruise control when configuring this feature)


  • power supply: 72V, limitied battery current: 150A (can be tuned to support up to fully charged 100V battery voltage, 24s Li-ion / Li-po or 28 LiFePO4)
  • max phase current: 350A
  • product size: 249mm x 146mm x 65mm
  • net weight: 2.2kg
  • includes controller + USB cable + wiring harnes
  • basic function: hall feedback, hall throttle, electric lock
  • brake for high level
  • regenerative braking (brake switch regen)
  • electronic brake
  • extra function: 0-5V brake signal (command regen current)
  • temp sensor (suit for KTY83/122)
  • three speed switch (high / balance / low)
  • hall speedometer

Price: 6300 CZK
Price EUR: