12V 100A Latching relay NRL709F (not for EVSE)

290 CZK

This product is to be used with a BMS (battery management system). Given price is only for the relay itself. Extension (control) module is not in stock and will be provided based on required parameters.

Extension module has following parameters and can provide functions:

  • power supply 10 - 15V
  • disconnect / connect latching relay contacts in case of power outage
  • disconnect / connect latching relay contacts in case of signal wire is cut
  • selectable NO / NC contacts (onboard solder jumpers)
  • optionable current sensor (50A, 100A, 200A)
  • optionable charger MOSFET disconnect switch (100V 30A or 60V 50A)
  • both charger disconnect and relay inputs are controlled by pull down signal
  • pull down charger input to switch on
  • pull down relay input to switch on
  • screwable terminals connector size 6
  • signal connector JST-XH

Price of this module is based on parameters upon request:

  • type of current sensor
  • charger disconnect switch
  • quantity

Price: 290 CZK
Price EUR: