Simple EVSE, WB (wallbox), DIN, W16

BMS This is an improved version of Simple EVSE 1.0 - it contains onboard relay and also -12V AC/DC converter. This was needed for some vehicles in order to charge (okay, so far only Tesla).

Simple EVSE (not recommended for new projects)

BMS The goal was to create minimalistic solution which would allow faster charging of Peugeot iOn since these cars are equipped with 10A cables from the factory. We have a small board which is possible to be built inside the J1772 connector including power relay (20A) and AC/DC (12V) power converter.

PIC16 cell based BMS with optocoupler communication

BMS Battery management system based on cell modules connected by optocouplers (like BMS123, miniBMS and others).

Electric conversion - Fiat 126 car

Fiat 126 Electric This is our long-term project which has started in July 2012. Complete propulsion unit was replaced including gearbox. Winston and CALB LiFePO4 cells were installed. Next plans are to test our new BMS system in this vehicle.

Electric conversion - Nashville Racer bike

Crystalyte 5303 ebike 48V high speed and long range bicycle. Our first electric bike made.