Ebike twist throttle 0-5V

200 CZK

Twith throttle 0-5V including the grip.

  • cable length is 65 - 70cm
  • no connector
  • inner diameter 22mm, outer diameter 33mm (rubber)
  • length 136mm (both ends)
Price: 200 CZK

Bluetooth module HC-06 transceiver UART

250 CZK

Price: 250 CZK

USB To RS232 TTL UART converter (PL2303HX chip)

200 CZK

Built-in TTL COM PC-PL2303HX Chip
Standard USB type A male and TTL 4 pin connector
Simple and Easy way to give USB support to your designs
Available for Linux, Mac, WinCE and Windows (XP, 2003), Vista Win 7
Black cable-----GND
Green cable-----TXD
White cable-----RXD
Red cable -------VCC

Cable length:about 900 mm 
Net weight:25 g 
Package weight:35 g 

Price: 200 CZK
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