QS motor 15kW (4000W nominal) 40H V3 273

14200 CZK

This is a brand new spoke hub ebike motor QS 4000W 40H V3 273 E-Bicycle spoke Hub Motor.

We have following pieces in stock (speed), updated 23th January 2020:

  • 870 RPM 48x3T @72V (1 pcs in stock)
  • 580 RPM 32x5T @72V (sold out, can be ordered)
  • we can order custom speed (usually delivered in 3-6 months)

Motor are avaiable on special order (speed can be customized) minimum 3 months.


Price: 14200 CZK

QS Motor nominal 1000W 205 (35H) E-bike Normal/V1 type

3500 CZK

Update 23rd January 2020 - these 1000W motors are IN STOCK but temp sensor KTY is not available any more!

Price: 3500 CZK

Ebike twist throttle 0-5V

200 CZK

Twith throttle 0-5V including the grip.

  • cable length is 65 - 70cm
  • no connector
  • inner diameter 22mm, outer diameter 33mm (rubber)
  • length 136mm (both ends)
Price: 200 CZK

Ebike Charger 21s 24s 5A 6A (600W)

2600 CZK

Chargers are in stock in 21s or 24s configuration.

Price: 2600 CZK

QS Motor 10kW extra/V3 type (nominal 3kW)

9800 CZK

This is a brand new spoke hub ebike motor (QS 3000W 205/50H Extra/V3).

Customer can usually choose from following options:

  • 24*5T (650 RPM, 72V, 9.03kV) = highest torque, the most popular motor
  • 28*4+ (765 RPM, 72V, 10.63kV)
  • 30*4T (820 RPM, 72V, 11.39kV) = highest speed


Price: 9800 CZK

Bluetooth module HC-06 transceiver UART

250 CZK

Price: 250 CZK

USB To RS232 TTL UART converter (PL2303HX chip)

200 CZK

Built-in TTL COM PC-PL2303HX Chip
Standard USB type A male and TTL 4 pin connector
Simple and Easy way to give USB support to your designs
Available for Linux, Mac, WinCE and Windows (XP, 2003), Vista Win 7
Black cable-----GND
Green cable-----TXD
White cable-----RXD
Red cable -------VCC

Cable length:about 900 mm 
Net weight:25 g 
Package weight:35 g 

Price: 200 CZK
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