1500 CZK

Simple EVSE successor.

Price: 1500 CZK

Type2 charging socket (wallbox) 32A

1450 CZK


  • 32A
  • screwable terminals
Price: 1450 CZK

Charge cable 3x6mm or 4x6mm one phase (for J1772)

110 CZK

If you do not leave us a message then we will suppose that you have chosen 4x6mm cable (by default).

3x6mm2 cable ideal for powering simple EVSE inside J1772 connector. Made from rubber, extra flexible and light. If needed we can also supply 4x6mm2 (L, N, PE, CP) - for building a wallbox including Type1 cable.

Attachment description: 3G6, 4G6, 5G2.5+0.75, 5G4+0.75, 5G6+0.75

Price: 110 CZK

EV charge cable CP (5x6mm or 5x4mm or 5x2.5mm) + 0.75mm three phase

150 CZK

Rated Voltage: AC 450/750V, DC 1kV. The long-term working temperature of conductor should be not more than 90C. The environmental temperature is -25C to 50C.

When ordering this cable leave us a note if you want 5x2.5mm+0.75mm or 5x4mm+0.75mm or 5x6mm+0.75mm! If no cable selected we assume 5x4mm+0.75mm.

Price: 150 CZK

Type1 Yazaki J1772 Plug only

1350 CZK

J1772 Plug 32 Amp rating. Plug only - no cable included. No EVSE included in the connector. Cable hole dimension: 15-17mm.

If you wish we can add CGTG 4x6mm rubber cable (4 EUR / meter).

  • Mitsubishi iMiev (C-Zero etc.)
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Opel Ampera
  • Mitsubishi Outlander
  • Citroen Berlingo Electrique
  • ...
Price: 1350 CZK

Type2 male plug 32A - wall side DSIEC2b-EV32P 3-phase

1350 CZK

This plug can be used to get power from a wallbox charging station or just create an extension cable.

Cable is soldered to this plug pins.

Price: 1350 CZK

Type2 Extension Cable M+F, 5m 32Amp

4590 CZK

This is a professional EVCharge AC charging cable designed for charging from Mennekes type connectors up to 32Amp (1x 230V/32A or 3x 400V/32A).

  • IP54 Rated Mennekes Charging plugs
  • Long time operation: 10,000 Mating Cycles
  • 32amp 3 PHASE Cable 5G 6.0 + 2 x 0.5mm
  • 5 meter long cable
  • CE & TUV Approved
Price: 4590 CZK

Type2 female plug 32A - car side DSIEC2e-EV32P 3-phase

1750 CZK

This plug can be used with our EVSE (simple EVSE and Wallbox EVSE). It allows charging up to 22kW (Mercedes-Benz Classe B Electric, Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL, Volkswagen E-Golf, Volkswagen E-up, Renault Zoe, Smart For-Two ED (dual charger), Tesla Model S...).

Cable is soldered to this plug pins.

  • 3 phase 400V/32Amp rated
  • IP54 Rated Mennekes plug
  • Long time operation: 10,000 Mating Cycles
  • ready for 32amp 3 PHASE Cable 5G 6.0 + 2 x 0.5mm (we also sell this cable)
  • CE & TUV Approved
Price: 1750 CZK

Charging cable reduction type2 to type1 J1772 32A 5m

5300 CZK

DSIEC (IEC62196-2) to Yazaki J1772 type charging cable. 1 phase 230V/32Amp rated.

This cable supports single-phase charging up to 32Amp.

Price: 5300 CZK

Simple EVSE - kit (inc. 16A relay, 1W AC/DC)

1200 CZK

Using this kit you can make your own IEC 62196 (simplified) charging station for electric vehicles.

We have developed a board based on PIC microcontroller which is able to generate 1kHz PWM signal, detect the vehicle and control the relay. It is also possible to adjust PWM width for current regulation. The board is small enough to be installed directly into J1772 Yazaki connector.

Kit includes:

Price: 1200 CZK


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