IoTmeter - smart electric meter (chytrý wifi elektroměr) with wifi and RS485

4100 CZK

Documentation - read first!


  • 3-phase 4-quadrant wattmeter with datalogger

  • intelligent EV charging stations control 

  • Dynamic load balancing of EV charging current - IoTmeter sets charging current based on the available unused power capacity 

  • charging preference from peak off (cheaper electricity) based on AC IN signal

  • charging preference from PV power plant overflows

  • Supports control up to 10 pcs of charging stations with power balancing

  • remote monitoring and configuration

  • intelligent use of overflows from home power plants by switching heat loads 

  • isolated RS485 interface MODBUS RTU

  • Wi-Fi interface - the possibility of access point, or connect to a home network

  • MODBUS TCP - open communication protocol to implement own 3rd party control system (Computer, Raspberry Pi, Nodered - see programming examples below)

  • compatibility with charging stations EVSE-DIN with RS485

  • mobile application IoTMeter - FREE download from Google Play and App Store (Not implemented yet)

  • Web browser interface

  • Measures RMS currents, RMS voltages

  • Active power, apparent power, power factors

  • Energy consumed from grid / delivered to grid

  • Logging of energy hour, day, month charts

  • Logging of power last hour diagram, logging peak values

Price: 4100 CZK
Weight: 240 g
Price EUR: