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Image SKU Title price CZKsort ascending Price EUR buy
ESF Úložiště energie ESF 249000 CZK 10000 EUR
TYPE2-J1772 Charging cable reduction type2 to type1 J1772 32A 5m 5300 CZK 198 EUR
IOTMETER-125A IoTmeter 125A - smart electric meter (wifi and RS485) 5000 CZK 204 EUR
CAB-TYPE2-EXT Type2 Extension Cable M+F, 5m 32Amp 4590 CZK 170 EUR
IOTMETER-65A IoTmeter 65A - smart electric meter (wifi and RS485) 4100 CZK 159 EUR
TYPE2-SOCKET-32A Type2 charging socket (wallbox) 32A 1750 CZK 64 EUR
TYPE2-PLUG-F-32A Type2 female plug 32A - car side DSIEC2e-EV32P 3-phase 1750 CZK 64 EUR
EVSE-W16 Compact EVSE with 2x16A relays 1500 CZK 55 EUR
EVSE-WB EVSE Wallbox 1500 CZK 58 EUR
TYPE2-PLUG-M-32A Type2 male plug 32A - wall side DSIEC2b-EV32P 3-phase 1350 CZK 50 EUR
TYPE1-PLUG-32A Type1 Yazaki J1772 Plug only 1350 CZK 49 EUR
EVSE-SIMPLE Simple EVSE - kit (inc. 16A relay, 1W AC/DC) 1200 CZK 45 EUR
NRL709P 12V 2x200A latching relay 860 CZK 33 EUR
IVY-RCM RCM sensor 30mA AC 6mA DC 835 CZK 33 EUR
RELAY-4x40A EVSE contactor 4x40A (AC relay with coil 230V) 650 CZK 25 EUR
NRL709F 12V 100A Latching relay NRL709F (not for EVSE) 290 CZK 10 EUR
HC06 Bluetooth module HC-06 transceiver UART 250 CZK 9 EUR
EVSE-C5x6CP EV charge cable with CP (5x6mm + 0.5mm) three phase 250 CZK 10 EUR
VIG12V Vigortronix AC / DC power supply 12V 250mA (3W) 240 CZK 9 EUR
THROTTLE Ebike twist throttle 0-5V 200 CZK 8 EUR
USB-UART USB To RS232 TTL UART converter (PL2303HX chip) 200 CZK 7 EUR
EVSE-C5x2.5CP EV charge cable with CP (5x2.5mm + 0.5mm) three phase 145 CZK 6 EUR
C4x6 Charge cable 4x6mm one phase (for J1772) 135 CZK 6 EUR
EVSE-RELAY-16A 16A relay 3phase charging EVSE-W16 100 CZK 4 EUR